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Grupo Médica Sur

Médica Sur is a health care institution that comprises medical attention, research, diagnostic, teaching and community service. The institution has brought together a select group of medical, nursing, administrative and hospital management professionals who –guided by a strict ethical code and backed up by cutting edge technology— thrive to offer medical excellence with human warmth.

Médica Sur Group has evolved into a High Specialty Center, at its Medical-University Complex on the south side of Mexico’s capital city. Secondary level care at Médica Sur Lomas Hospital in the middle of the Mexico City´s metropolitan area.



At Médica Sur, we offer medical attention and practices that are ethical and effective with human warmth with top notch facilities and high-end technology for the maximum benefit and total satisfaction of our users, be it doctors, patients, family members or companies.


To be the best medical institution in Mexico in the fields of health care, teaching and research.